Funding is available to study Project Management with us!

UNE Partnerships offers nationally recognised qualifications in Project Management.

Our Certificate IV in Project Management Practice and Diploma of Project Management are endorsed by the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM). We are a Registered Education provider for Project Management Institute (PMI). The modules delivered are flexible and designed to suit your individual level of experience and expertise.

Funding may be available from UNE and the NSW Government

You may be eligible for funding from UNE through the Professional Study Development Fund), or from the NSW Government through Smart and Skilled.


Certificate IV in Project Management Practice is suited to project team members whose task is to coordinate one or more elements of a project and provide direct support to the project manager.


Diploma of Project Management is ideal for emerging and experienced project managers, with a clear focus on contemporary methodologies, tools, techniques and strategies to effectively manage projects.


Advanced Diploma of Program Management is suited for highly experienced program managers, who are responsible for highly complex projects or portfolios of interrelated projects.


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