UNEPB21 - Agricultural Short Course

ParaBoss Certificate in Sheep Parasite Management

Learn the principles and practices of effective integrated parasite management of sheep in Australia, covering worms, flies and lice.


  • Course Fees
    Full course @ $440 + GST
    Individual unit @ $180 + GST
  • Duration
    Up to 3 months
  • Delivery
    Individual students (online)

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Learn integrated parasite management: the key parasites of sheep and how to exploit their weaknesses; methods to limit parasite build up and exposure to stock; parasite monitoring and testing, and decisions on when treatments should occur; treatment chemicals including their types, application methods, timing, and how to reduce the rate at which chemical resistance develops; breeding sheep for resistance to worms and flystrike; use of online tools to assist parasite management decision-making.

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Graduate Outcomes

On successful completion of this short course, you will have the skills and knowledge to apply, or provide advice to others about, effective integrated parasite management of sheep, including:

  • Choice and use of prevention and treatment products.
  • How and when to monitor and test for parasites.
  • Use of non-chemical preventative strategies, including grazing management and breeding sheep for parasite resistance.

Future Job Outcomes

  • Rural merchandise salesperson (sheep health)
  • Pharmaceutical company salesperson (sheep health)
  • Veterinarian (sheep)
  • Sheep health/farm consultant
  • Sheep extension officer
  • Sheep farm manager

Recommended Education and Work Experience

The course content assumes a sound knowledge of sheep management systems, including general practices undertaken to manage parasites. Applicants ideally will have:

  • worked on a sheep property, and/or
  • worked with sheep farmers (providing advice, animal health treatment, and/or selling sheep health products).

Prior training in either Agricultural Science; Rural Science; Livestock Science; Veterinary Science; Agribusiness; or other formal or on-the-job training to have gained knowledge of sheep health and management will be an advantage.


The course contains 3 units:

  • WormBoss
  • FlyBoss
  • LiceBoss

Students will receive a Certificate of Completion from ParaBoss upon successful completion of these three units in this short course.

Graduates will also be listed (with their permission) on the ParaBoss website and ParaBoss will promote the value of the graduates to the sheep industry.

ParaBoss is the national, industry-endorsed program that provides parasite management information to the Australian sheep industry.


Bulk discounts available for employers

  • 5–10 students = 5% discount.
  • 11–20 students = 7.5% discount.
  • 21–50 students = 10% discount.
  • 51+ students = 12.5% discount.

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