UNE Partnerships is one of Australia’s most progressive Registered Training Organisations specialising in vocational training programs that are nationally recognised. UNE Partnerships is the wholly owned education and training company of the University of New England – New South Wales’ second oldest university and Australia’s oldest and most experienced distance education provider.

UNE Partnerships is committed to the provision of structured, high quality, industry relevant training to promote increased skills and knowledge. Our emphasis is on practical, accredited, nationally recognised qualifications, industry-specific courses and short courses which can be directly applied to the workplace. Many of our courses provide articulation into higher qualifications to enable a structured career path.

The professional development programs we offer are undertaken by individuals, and by contract to private and public sector organisations, throughout Australia and internationally. Short courses, workshops and in-house training can be designed to meet specific needs and workplace demands and commitments.

UNE Partnerships provides specialised training in Practice Management, Project Management, Facilities Management, Business Management and Administration, Government/Public Sector, Medical Reception, Medical Practice Assisting, and Procurement.

UNE Partnerships adheres to a code of practice and follows all Commonwealth and State legislative regulatory requirements.

Our educational philosophy

We apply adult learning principles and an action learning approach to course delivery. Our aim is to promote critical thinking, reflection and a solutions focus, to ensure that new learning is embedded, applied and sustained. An action learning approach builds organisational networks and collaboration as it engages colleagues, study cohorts, coaches, mentors, managers and facilitators. This can create an immediate and sustained impact on culture, performance and behaviours. We encourage the use of workplace sponsors and mentors to support learning in the workplace. Coaching programs for individuals can also be included, to reinforce sustained change in performance and behaviours.

We incorporate solid theory and practice into all programs; those courses are ideal for active practitioners and for those preparing to enter a new occupation or role. Each client’s requirements are discussed and analysed first, ensuring their strategic goals are incorporated into the design of the training program. This builds on existing organisational frameworks and provides a platform for future development and change management within your organisation.

Quality control

High quality trainers and assessors are crucial in delivering high quality skill development for you. Our trainers and assessors are all qualified for vocational education, with qualifications greater than that being assessed and highly experienced in the practice of those skills.

We continually monitor the performance of the trainers and assessors through:

  • periodic observations of trainers as they are working with students or clients
  • randomly cross-checking a sample of assessment gradings to ensure consistency of marking and a high calibre of feedback provided to students
  • monitoring their own professional development activity over a year.

We have a team of staff who regularly review our internal systems and processes. By doing this, we ensure compliance with our current policies and continuous improvement in our procedures.

We supply all requested information to the regulatory bodies, including high-level statistical data about our student base and satisfaction ratings as provided by our students and/or the employers we work with.

Internally, our staff participate in training and development activities so they provide accurate and balanced advice to potential and current students.

Annual satisfaction surveys

Every year we undertake a holistic review of our staff, student and client satisfaction. We are proud to report that our Overall Student Satisfaction rating is 81%, with Trainer Quality, Effective Assessment and Effective Support all scoring 80% (based on 2009-2016 time series data).

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