The Future of Work in Australia

  • The Path to ProsperityDeloitte report titled The Path to Prosperity: Why the Future of Work is Human, which explores the future of work and employment in Australia.


    More than 80% of jobs created between now and 2030 will be for knowledge workers, and two-thirds will be strongly reliant on soft skills, suggesting there is a need for employers and workers to continue to invest in education and professional development to remain competitive.


    Deloitte predicts that by 2030 the five greatest skills shortages will be customer service, organisation and time management, health, digital literacy and leadership. “Business leaders will have to make active choices, and just buying skills won’t be enough. They will have to adopt an investment frame of mind, and train them,”  Deloitte Australia managing partner Carl Harris said.


    Author David Rumbens has dispelled three common myths about the future of work through this report:


    • Robots will take jobs
    • People will have lots of jobs throughout their careers
    • People will no longer work in offices


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    You can access the full report from Deloitte:


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