Person-centred respite care in Queensland

UNE Partnerships in collaboration with the University of New England (UNE) are delighted to announce the development of the new Person-Centred Respite Care Program, proudly funded by the Queensland Government.

The Project commenced in April 2017, during this time we have collaborated with stakeholders to draft, evaluate and refine the content and visual style of the program.

Aim of the program

The program is an evidence-based and multi-dimensional package that aims to enhance the ability and capability of service providers to deliver a person-centred respite care approach and address current barriers to uptake. In development of the program our focus was on identifying gaps in information and not duplicating existing resource materials. It is important to note to avoid confusion that while the resource material supports and references accreditation standards it is not intended to be an accredited program.

Benefits of the program

Expected benefits from adopting the program is described below:

  • Organisations adopting the Product into their service delivery planning will have access to resources for assessment of their current person-centred care capability.
  • Staff and volunteers utilising the Product will be better informed and equipped to meet the behavioral and physical needs of people with cognitive impairment. Resulting in an increase in confidence and competence in caring for their clients.
  • Carers and family members accessing the Product will increase their uptake of facilities that have meaningful activities meeting the physical, mental and emotional needs of recipients of day respite care.

Click here to download the detailed Project Update for more information about the program.

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