UNE Partnerships celebrates the success of NSW Government Graduates

UNE Partnerships would like to congratulate the NSW Government Graduate Program cohort of 2017, with 85 graduates celebrating the successful completion of the Diploma of Government at Dexus Place in Sydney on 13 July 2018.

UNE Partnerships are incredibly proud of our partnership with the NSW Public Service Commission, which has seen the NSW Government Graduate Program grow from a pilot group of 25 graduates in 2016, to more than 160 graduates in this year’s intake.

Professor Todd Walker, the Chairman and Managing Director of UNE Partnerships and the Provost and Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of New England, described some of the strengths of this highly customised training program on the day;


“While it is recognized that those graduating today will now add a Diploma of Government to other tertiary qualifications,
we believe this learning experience is a special one.

Learning is most effective when it can be immediately leveraged in the workplace and we have worked hard to ensure
this program supports learning occurring on the job through experience and exposure via mentors, managers and colleagues.
Enabling a broader perspective at the start of career means the graduate contribution to their work role is clearer and
they emerge from the graduate program ready to make a significant impact.”


Graduates were also treated to an inspiring speech from Emma Hogan, who shared some of the highs and lows of her career journey from an early school leaver, to eventually become the NSW Public Service Commissioner, imparting some valuable life lessons and career advice to  everyone who was fortunate enough to attend.

UNE Partnerships have worked closely with the NSW Public Service Commission over the past three years to extensively customise the Diploma of Government to suit and support the NSW Government Graduate Program. Activities and outcomes have been carefully mapped against the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework to ensure the skills and knowledge are practical, meaningful and relevant to work in the NSW Public Sector.

The continued success and growth of this academic component of the graduate  program is testament to the hard work and commitment of the graduates themselves, as well as the tireless efforts of UNE Partnerships staff and the support teams across the NSW Public Service Commission and the broader NSW Government.

UNE Partnerships look forward to continuing this important relationship with the NSW Public Service Commission and we wish all of the graduates every success into the future.


Learn more about our Diploma of Government course.

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