Spotlight on MPA

Spotlight on MPA

The past three years have imposed a significant and sustained burden on the Australian healthcare sector. Our medical receptionists and administrative staff have been the unsung heroes of this story, as they have diligently responded to constantly changing rules, systems, services, and patient needs.

Investment in staff training could be a great way to reward these unsung heroes and to better prepare your practice for whatever new challenges the future may have planned for us. Medical assisting presents a great career pathway to allow your administrative team to get more actively involved with the clinical and medical operations of your practice.

How do you become a Medical Assistant?

UNE Partnerships is a contemporary Registered Training Organisation specialising in nationally accredited courses and qualifications. We enjoy a close working relationship with AAPM and have a suite of unique qualifications aimed at primary healthcare.

The HLT47715 Certificate IV in Medical Practice Assisting provides an opportunity for members of your administrative team to work directly with patients and collaborate with clinicians in the provision of services. Medical Assistants work under the supervision of a healthcare practitioner to assist across a broad range of healthcare and administrative functions. For those that want more variety in their daily duties this qualification provides a pathway to a fulfilling career as a healthcare Practitioner.

We will support your team to complete this program over two years through a combination of online learning, clinical face-to-face workshops, webinars, and the application of practical skills in the workplace.


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