New education program for CEOs

he CEO Institute and UNE Partnerships, the not-for-profit education and training company of the University of New England, are proud to launch the Certified CEO Program.

As the only professional recognition program for CEOs, the Program is a unique offering for current and aspiring business leaders. Delivered online, it’s also available globally.

The Institute commissioned UNE Partnerships to develop a contemporary, globally relevant course designed for business leaders here and overseas. Certified CEO designation is a mark of distinction and respect, setting the new gold standard in Global Leadership.

Chairman of The CEO Institute Kenneth Gunn said UNE Partnerships was the ideal collaborator to develop and deliver the Certified CEO Program.

“UNE Partnerships is able to draw directly on the experience and expertise of Australia’s leading online educator the University of New England. The University has been a pioneer of distance education for almost 70 years, and the Business School has the globally focused mind set we needed,” said Mr Gunn.

Tim Catterall, CEO of UNE Partnerships said that to meet the requirements of The CEO Institute, “UNE Partnerships has collaborated with the University of New England to curate content from a variety of sources distilling it into a relevant, contextualised, and accessible online training program for this specific cohort.”

“This opportunity presents an exciting platform for us to showcase our capabilities in digital education with academic rigour across geographies. The program will continually evolve to ensure its relevance to education of executives to meet the challenges of career progression in a dynamic international business market,” said Mr Catterall.

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