VET Student Loans is an Australian Government initiative that helps eligible students pay their tuition fees. Your loan is repaid through the Australian tax system when you reach the minimum income threshold for repayment, which is set by the Australian Government each year.

Please be advised that UNE Partnerships is not currently accepting new applications for VET Student Loans in any program.

Important information about Vet Student Loans:

  • it is a loan from the Australian Government;
  • the loan will remain a personal debt until it is repaid to the Australian Government;
  • the loan may, until the debt is repaid, reduce your take home (after tax) wage or salary and may reduce your borrowing capacity; and
  • a 20% loan fee is applied to all fees deferred through VET Student Loans by the Australian Government.


Fee Schedules and Census Dates

For students that are currently in any remaining programs that have accessed VET Student Loans (VSL) please note that tuition fees will be spread equally across the fee periods within an approved qualification and each fee period will contain at least one census day.

The census date is the last day on which you can withdraw from the course or part of the course without having to pay tuition fees for the course or part of the course.

If you withdraw before the census day for a course or part of a course, you will not incur a VET Student Loan debt for the course or part of the course and will receive a refund for any tuition fees already paid for the course or part of the course.

You will be asked to confirm your ongoing commitment to study by completing a student progression and engagement notice in February, June and October of each year.

Our Fee Schedules provide details about the units of study, census dates, and course fees for VET Student Loans approved courses:

Policies and Procedures

Please visit our Policies for information about our approach to teaching and learning, student wellbeing and quality assurance.

You can download a copy of our Statement of Tuition Assurance below:

Further Information

Please visit the Department of Education for more detailed information about VET Student loans, including detailed eligibility criteria and information about loan fees and repayment thresholds.

We understand that Government funding and training subsidies can be quite complex, so please contact one of our friendly Course Advisors if you would like to find out more.

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